About us

Hello and welcome!

We know that curiosity is part of our day-to-day life and the best way to end the bug is by knowing a little more about what interests us. So before we start, thank you very much for visiting this web directory and we hope that this presentation will inform you of what we are and what we offer.

what are we?

CoboMaps is a directory of companies in the Cobo Calleja industrial park, where users can find the location of wholesale stores in an interactive way through a map. You can also filter them on the map by categories, making it much easier to find the store you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are not nearby or do not want to move, you can access the Online Stores section, where you can find those stores that offer the online service, making your purchase even easier.

what we offer?

Apart from offering a directory with the location and contact information of Cobo Calleja stores, you can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news, from the opening of new stores to current promotions and offers.

How to appear?

For companies that want to appear on our maps, they can write to our email with the subject of: appear on the map of «Zone». And in a few of hours, you will appear on the map, it is totally free, even so we offer premium services, which serve as support for this project, such as appearing as featured above, appearing with the logo, a link to your website, or even a custom icon to make you the center of attention. And for those who want to contribute and help us improve the platform, you can donate at the following link, which we would greatly appreciate.

Who is behind everything?

Behind the project is 11 Studio, a creative digital agency, dedicated to creating digital products and solutions, such as web pages, applications, marketing campaigns, logo and corporate image design, digital strategies, etc. The page you are on is an internal project that has been created to contribute to the community.

CoboMaps was born with the intention of creating a platform that facilitates contact between clients and companies in a simple and dynamic way. Each map has a directory of all the companies that appear in it, and each one has a filter, so you can find the sector in which you are interested.

We know that it is increasingly difficult to make yourself known in such a competitive world, therefore one of our main objectives is: to provide companies with a way in which to make themselves known and on the other hand to simplify the search for suppliers, customers and partners . In short, a point of opportunities to discover. 




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