CoboMaps is a project by 11 Studio. Born to contribute to the community and help it digitize and enter the new era of electronic commerce.

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————————— Searching for a supplier or a partner is one of the biggest headaches for any entrepreneur. In a world where new ones appear every day and many others cease to be, it is difficult to know who is the right one. Ten years ago you could not say that things were simpler, you had to choose between searching nationally or flying to another country, which did not make things easier. But with the entry of the new decade and the great growth of the internet and logistics, it is no longer necessary to move to find a good supplier or manufacturer. There has been a metamorphosis in the way of interacting and here we bring you those wholesalers who have adapted to change.

Hello and welcome to CoboMaps. We are an online directory in which we publish information about companies that want to make themselves known and that mainly focus on the B2B market. On this page, you can mainly find suppliers and manufacturers from different fields.

At present, most of the wholesale stores that you can find on the web are Cobo Calleja stores, focused on the wholesale of women's fashion products, men's fashion, accessories and accessories, jewelry, among many others.

And why CoboMaps? Well, the idea was born to help to promote small entrepreneurs who are looking for suppliers and manufacturers to launch their projects or make them grow. So we seek to keep the information updated and promote the digitization of small businesses. Contributing to launch into the online market and being able to offer better services to customers.

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